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Chinese Drywall

by Chinese Drywall

Homeowners alleging that contaminated drywall was installed have reported numerous incidents of corroding copper and other metals in their homes. The Florida Department of Health advised homeowners worried about tainted drywall to check copper tubing coils located in air conditioning and refrigeration units for signs of corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide, as these are usually the first signs of the issue

Although not believed to be life- threatening, exposure to high levels of airborne hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds from contaminated drywall can result in the following physical ailments: sore throat, sinus irritation, coughing, wheezing, headache, dry or burning eyes

The following tips can used to identify if a home’s drywall is contaminated:

The house has a strong sulfur smell reminiscent of rotten eggs.

Exposed copper plumbing pipes and copper wiring will be black.

A manufacturer’s label on the back of the drywall can be used to link it with manufacturers that are known to have used contaminated materials.

Drywall samples can be sent to a lab to be tested for dangerous levels of sulfur.

Contaminated Chinese drywall cannot be repaired. Affected homeowners are being forced to replace the drywall entirely, a procedure which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.