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A pet should be treated as part of the family, not something you have (for no apparent reason) who no one pays attention to. Our pets rely on us, and the love they give is completely unconditional and irreplaceable. It would be nice if everyone were more responsible, caring, and thoughtful to their pets.

Spaying or neutering should be automatic for a pet owner. If everyone got their pets spayed or neutered there would not be the terrible number of strays we see, or the sad number of animals in shelters. If your argument is how cute kittens or puppies are, you are right, but we must be realistic. These kittens and puppies grow up and produce more kittens and puppies and on it goes. Do not be selfish. There are a number of agencies, such as the Broward County Care and Adoption Center, the Humane Society, the Palm Beach County Animal Care, to name a few, that offer free or reduced rates for these services and other services to include vaccinations. So, cost cannot be used as an excuse.